Friday, April 17, 2009

I Need Your Help!

Okay here's the deal. I have a short film paper due next week, the assignment is for me to analyze and critique my favorite film comedy. Comedy being one of my favorite genres, I naturally find it nearly impossible to choose just one. So! I've scoured my DVD collection in search of some of my favorite comedies from each comedy sub-genre and I'm going to let you choose, whichever movie gets the most votes, will be the subject of my paper. Try to go for the unlikely ones, I don't want to write the same paper as half the class. Lists to follow!

I originally had clips for all the movie suggestions I listed, but then this list got really frickin' long, so I'm going to post the bracket and if anyone wants clips for a certain movie, just write it in the comments and I'll throw it up there.

The Wedding Singer
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Princess Bride
50 First Dates
Head Over Heels

Teen Comedy
Sixteen Candles
Mean Girls
Better Off Dead
Whatever it Takes

Horror Comedy
Shaun of the Dead
Cabin Fever
Planet Terror
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Young Frankenstein

Action Comedy
Hot Fuzz
Tropic Thunder

Gross Out/Misc. Comedy
School of Rock

I could lists dozens more films that would all fit the assignment, and I left out some extremely obvious ones... mainly because they're extremely obvious. So if you feel like there's a movie I missed that I absolutely MUST consider feel free to write it in the comment section. All suggestions are welcome :)

Made out with a hot dog? That was one time!


  1. Planet Terror or Tropic Thunder... I don't mean to be indecisive, but it should narrow it down a bit :]

  2. okay Ram-Paige... my first thought would be Better of Dead... of the Teen Comedies it is probably the least thought of for your generation. And it is such the classic.

    but I am leaning towards one of your horror/comedies.. since I think those are a twist for the assigment, and maybe some would not think of going that genre.

    you have nothing but good things to say about cabin fever so it seems you'd have a lot to work with for your paper.. That's my vote..

    fyi- you NEED to see Eight Legged Freaks, with David Arquette.. You'll love it!

  3. So many good ones, but I'll go with...

    Hot Fuzz

    Good luck.

  4. I vote for Forgetting Sara Marshall or Hot Fuzz!