Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fake Bands I Wish Were Real!

So while writing yesterday's post I was going through all the fake videos I had in my favorites on YouTube when I realized that there are just as many awesomely hilarious fake bands as there are fake films. So here goes...

By far one of my favorite film soundtracks is Josie and the Pussycats, crappy movie aside, the songs are awesome. Most notably, "DuJour Around the World" and "Back Door Lover" by the films fictional boy band DuJour. Come on, any boy band involving Seth Green and Donald Faison, it's gotta be good.

The Wonders
It's a well known fact that "That Thing You Do!" is one of the best movies ever. I have yet to meet someone who hates this movie, it's basically impossible not to love it in large part due to the awesomeness of fake band, The Wonders...

During Boyband Mania of the late 90's Mtv jumped on the bandwagon by creating a TV show revolving around the adventures of a fake boy band. Imagine their surprise when the show's fake band actually scored a few hits on the billboard charts. Check out the video for a pre-"While You Were Out" Evan Farmer...

The Archies
A band based on comic book characters, wtf! But honestly if you've never heard this song, then you were probably born in a barn, or you might be a robot. Check yourself just to be sure...

They play the Police.... only the Police...

Spinal Tap
A fake band list would never be complete without the inclusion of Spinal Tap. A mocumentary love letter to hair metal, Spinal Tap is the pinnacle of fake band awesomeness. Plus, they have STONEHENGE!!!

Simply Wed
The band from the Wedding Singer! If you haven't seen this movie, you truly haven't lived...

The Great Frog Society
I searched for hours trying to find a video for this band. Essentially its a Saturday Night Live parody of Behind the Music, featuring a band composed of dead rock stars and historical figures. Jim Morrison, Buddy Holly, Amelia Earheart... If you find a video, lemme know :)

Kevin G and the Power of 3
Math Enthusiasts and Bad Ass MCs, just one more reason Mean Girls is awesome, and this clip ALWAYS makes me laugh...

If you think of any I missed post them in the comment section!

You Go Glen CoCo!


  1. PoP! I would love to see a band with Hugh Grant as the frontman

    another winner from Music and Lyrics.

  3. girlfriend.. How could you have missed "The Silver Platters" the band the Brady Kids put together to win the contest to pay for the 'Silver Platter' they bought their parents for their anniversary....

  4. Umm, if I had a dollar for every time my friends and I said either, "Unnngghhh, Kevin G!!" or "Happy Holidays everyone" and waved like a perv, I would have lots and lots of money.