Monday, February 8, 2010

Things I Bought That I Love

Some of my favorite things have unfortunately come to an end as of late. No, I'm not just talking about Fall Out Boy. This past week, I went to check in to one of my favorite Blogs... AND IT WAS GONE!!! NOOOOO!!!

I've referenced before, and some of you may recognize it as Mindy Kaling's (Kelly from the Office) blog. The point of the blog is basically for Mindy and her friends to show off recent purchases and talk about why they're so awesome. Let me just say... she has great taste. So, in memory of this blog, I've decided to make my own list of things that I bought I love, enjoy!

Mac Fan Apple Earrings - $13.99

These sweet studs are made from tiny logo stickers rescued from Macs from days of old. Not only are they SUPER cute but also environmentally friendly because they're made from recycled materials. A cute way for stylish broads to hint at inner nerdiness. You can get your own pair at

Mika: The Boy Who Knew Too Much - $11.99 @ BestBuy

Sad about Fall Out Boy breaking up? DON'T BE! Just pop in some Mika! The best part is that it's physically impossible to be anything but euphorically happy when listening to Mika. No seriously, try to think of Dead puppies whilst watching this video...

For the Facebook Peeps:

You can't do it can you? It's just too awesome to be sad. Another Thing I Bought That I Love = Tickets to see Mika Live. Probably the best concert I have ever attended, I'd go again tomorrow for double the price... it would be totally worth it. You can buy it wherever sweet tunes are sold.

This T-Shirt! - £25

We met this artist at the Camden Open Air Market in London and he finally has his website up and running, which is awesome because his designs are super fun and have recently been featured on the BBC. Who knows, maybe he'll get super famous some day and you could have one of his first shirts. I'm quite partial to the monster, as well as the shirt featuring a giant octopus attacking London.

The IT Crowd DVDs Seasons 1 - 3 - $19.00 Each @ Best Buy

The second British import on our list. Did you ever wonder where Big Bang Theory borrowed all their good ideas from? IT WAS THIS SHOW! Except that this show is infinitely more awesome. Don't believe me? All the seasons are available to watch instantly on Netflix, try a few episodes out... you'll thank me.

Zebra Flats - $12.99 @ Target

These shoes are SUPER comfortable, they come in like a MILLION different prints/colors, and did I mention they're $12.99? $12.99 People! I have 4 different pairs of these shoes... not a day goes by when I don't wear at least one of those pairs. They're more comfortable than tennis shoes and a helluva lot cuter. Thank you Target, for enabling poor college kids like me to have sweet Zapatos.

Tell me the best stuff you've bought lately in the comments section!




  2. I am currently wearing those zebra shoes right now!