Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Software

Okay, so I just got a new computer and I've been spending the past couple days setting it up and installing all my spiffy software. Among my spiffy new software, is a brand new Novel-based word processor to complement my spiffy screenwriting software and I've been just ITCHING to try it out and actually write a few chapters of something as a way to distract me from working on the new pilot I'm supposed to be writing.

Anywho... I've been tossing ideas around in my head for what to write and I've come up with a few different options.

A) Some sort of memoir cataloging my short yet somewhat interesting existence and following my best friend Merrissa's and my quest to be One Hit Wonders while also having action figures of ourselves.

B) A sweeping Romance Novel about Vikings, or Pirates, or Space Viking Pirates... or a Zombie Outbreak... basically a love story that somehow flourishes against insurmountable odds.

C) A "How-to" Book on being awesome... or you know, cooking or something.

D) A Girl's Guide to Horror Films and other things involving corpses.

Anyway, I'm leaving it up to you guys. Vote! Tell me what you like best! I'll get started on the winner and post chapters of it as I finish them.


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