Friday, March 12, 2010

New Feature: My Life is Maury

Merrissa and I were perusing the internets this weekend and stumbled upon My Life is Twilight and decided that our lives were too awesome to merely be Twilight... our lives had to be Maury.


I'm a 14 year old stripper who doesn't know who my babydaddy is, LULZ... MLIM

I have a secret... I'm secretly a MAN!... AND the father of our love-child! MLIM

I have a secret! I have a Twin Sister! AND WE'RE BOTH STRIPPERS! MLIM

I'm obsessed with a fictional vampire and it "ecclipses" all my real-life social interactions... MLIM also Twilight.

Remember when I said I didn't cheat on you? My lie detector test determined that was a lie... up to 10 different times! MLIM

I have a unibrow fetish. MLIM

My cats are my life... also my lovers. MLIM

You're welcome

-Rampaige and MJ

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